Nordic research collaboration
on societal security

Nordic collaboration to counter shared societal security challenges

Extreme weather, pandemics, digital threats and violent extremism are all examples of societal threats and crises.

The Nordic Societal Security initiative is designed to generate new knowledge for the safety and security of the Nordic countries' inhabitants. Societal security is growing in importance and relevance due to the rapidly evolving social, political, environmental and security challenges that we are experiencing globally.

This research contributes to increased critical competence within societal security in the Nordic countries. Given that societal security challenges are transbundary there is much gained from Nordic collaboration.

Nordic Societal Security Research

The Nordic societal security research area started in 2013.

The research ares is a direct result of the Haga Declaration, the Nordic countries' platform for co-operation on societal security and preparedness.

Several research projects funded by us relate directly to the Nordic Council's strategy on societal security, for example cybersecurity and fire prevention.


Four ongoing research projects on societal security


10 years of Societal Security Research

The report highlights a decade of research and collaborative achievements in addressing the Nordic region's security challenges.

Key figures

for the research programme on societal security:

  • 21 research projects
  • 7 participating countries in and outside of the Nordics
  • 200 researchers
  • NOK 200 million budget


Nordic added value

Research on societal security provides Nordic added value in a number of ways. For example by:

  • comparing systems and practices in security policy
  • joint knowledge development
  • regional mobility and networking
  • increased critical competence.