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NordForsk Magazine 2017

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Among the features in this year’s magazine are interviews with retiring director of NordForsk, Gunnel Gustafsson, and the new director of the Research Council of Norway, John-Arne Røttingen.

The magazine presents NordForsk-funded projects within bioeconomy, green growth, neutron science, health, education, gender, societal security, eScience and e-infrastructure, as well as a collaboration between the Nordic national statistical institutes on data access for researchers.

Jørgen Brandt and Camilla Geels tell us how their project NordicWelfAir will identify the types of air pollution that are most damaging to human health.

Oliver Popov and Wouter Stol explain the challenges of policing the "dark web".

Agnete Vabø and Mikael Börjesson discuss the existence and nature of a Nordic model of higher education.

Mattias Wadenstein and Farid Ould-Saada relate how the nordic contribution to handling data from CERN assists the search for "dark matter".

Ignacio Pisso and Andreas Stohl from the Nordic Centre of Excellence eSTICC develop tools and models that store and provide easy access to climate data from the Top-level Research Initiative.