The Nordic Region will be the most knowledge-driven, sustainable, and integrated region in the world by 2030.

Primary goal

NordForsk is an effective facilitator of research collaboration that makes an impact, and ensures that the research is of high international quality and delivers Nordic added value.

Sub-goal 1: Facilitate Nordic research collaboration

NordForsk will:

  • develop calls in close collaboration with national research funding organisations in the Nordic Region;
  • fund high-quality research projects, research networks, research infrastructure, and research-based innovation, as well as select projects for funding based on their scientific quality and projected Nordic added value;
  • further promote open science and open access; require research activities to have appropriate systems in place for ensuring compliance with national and international ethical standards and commonly accepted professional codes and norms; and
  • ensure that calls and projects comply with NordForsk’s gender equality policy.

Sub-goal 2: Enhance the impact of Nordic research collaboration

NordForsk will:

  • ensure that NordForsk is well-known as a facilitator for Nordic research collaboration;
  • ensure that Nordic added value, impact, and key results are communicated to the relevant stakeholders;
  • strengthen communication and interaction with and between researchers and other key stakeholders; and
  • support and ensure the dissemination of the results from and impact of NordForsk funded projects and calls.

Sub-goal 3: Ensure the efficient and transparent management of NordForsk’s activities and administration


  • is committed to working in a way that is open, transparent, and accountable;
  • will actively work to ensure that its operations and management of researchfunding is cost-efficient and effective; and
  • will actively work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.