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25 project proposals submitted to the call under the Sustainable Aquaculture Programme

The maximum amount of funding available per project is NOK 10 million. The projects will be funded through a virtual common pot, which means that the national funding agencies will fund their respective participants in the funded projects.

According to Senior Adviser Kyösti Lempa at NordForsk:

“The response to the call shows firm commitment on the part of research organisations and companies to develop sustainable aquaculture in our region. The 25 research and innovation consortiums incorporate a balanced mix of partners. Of the total of 406 partners, 259 represent research organisations and 147 represent innovation organisations.”

The overarching aim of the Nordic Research Innovation Programme for Sustainable Aquaculture is to generate knowledge and solutions for sustainable land-based and marine salmonid aquaculture.

The Nordic countries are at the cutting edge of aquaculture technology, feed, and genetics. The aquaculture sector has the potential for growth in all the Nordic countries and independent regions as well as in the Baltic Sea Region. High product quality, food safety ("clean, safe and fresh") and large-scale export of aquaculture products can put the region in a pole position in sustainable aquaculture. But achieving success will require increased focus on knowledge and innovation.

Research investments in the countries and regions behind the programme have facilitated the development of a wide range of robust public and private knowledge environments. The Nordic Research and Innovation Programme for Sustainable Aquaculture will work to bring these environments together to promote collaboration and knowledge exchange. The programme will add value to Nordic societies that far exceeds the scope of its financial framework.


Kyösti Lempa

Kyösti Lempa

Senior Adviser