Ukranian refugee women and two girls walking through passport control
Photo: UN Women/Aurel Obreja

New project to do research on the influx of Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian Migrants: Integration and Governance Dynamics in Nordic and Baltic States

The different social environments and policy contexts across the countries involved in the project represent a laboratory for comparing structural integrational issues. By contrasting governance structures, integrational processes and outcomes between Nordic and Baltic countries, differences will appear and there will be opportunities to identify good practices and lessons learned. The project will undertake multi-disciplinary research using desk reviews, quantitative and qualitative analyses.

Bethina Strandberg-Jensen, adviser at NordForsk, says:

"Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, millions have crossed the border to neighboring countries in the West of whom many will continue through Europe to the Nordic-Baltic region. In addition, the political development has caused large migration from Russia and Belarus. These refugees and migrants have a different demographic profile than many previous migrant groups, and furthermore there have been several changes to the integration acts in the Nordic countries."

She continues:

“The purpose of the call has been to capitalise on existing, excellent Nordic research networks from NordForsk’s research initiative on Migration and on Integration currently working on highly relevant aspects of migration and integration to provide research-based knowledge which can contribute to the integration of new refugees from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. The INFLUX project consists of a strong research team from four of the research projects from the ongoing NordForsk migration and integration initiative, as well as new partners, from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania and Estonia.”

“The project is an excellent example of Nordic added value by gathering excellent Nordic researchers to address questions of high relevance for the integration of refugees in the Nordic and Baltic societies, including policy level. We look very much forward to seeing the results of this important project.”, Strandberg-Jensen concludes.

The INFLUX project is a result of special commission which NordForsk received from the Nordic Council of Ministers secretariat to fund research supporting activities with relevance for the integration of refugees from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia in the Nordic countries.

The total budget available for the project is NOK 4,5 million.

The Influx project
Project leader: Liv Osland, Norway
Participating countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania and Estonia


Thomas Jacobsson

Thomas Jacobsson

Senior Adviser