Forsiden af Fast Track-rapporten

Researchers make recommendations for Vision 2030 in new report

The vision of the Nordic Council of Ministers is for the Nordic Region to be the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. The Nordic researchers who have contributed articles to the publication have all come up with their recommendations for how this vision can be delivered.

The articles were written in April and May 2023 in response to a call from NordForsk for selected researchers and research groups to write policy brief articles. All the researchers who have contributed to the publication are participating in collaborative projects funded by NordForsk or Nordic Energy Research.

Read the report: Fast Track to Vision 2030 | NordForsk.

Director of NordForsk, Arne Flåøyen, believes that the report provides important input for the delivery of Vision 2030: 

“We want the publication to contribute relevant research-based knowledge that can be included in the analysis of the challenges and opportunities for Nordic co-operation in the years to come.”

Three parts

The report has three parts that address the following:

1. The challenges, opportunities and consequences of digitalisation in our society.

2. The Nordics Region’s natural environment, climate, green energy, bio-economy and healthy food systems.

3. The Nordic Region and relations with neighbouring countries, including research into migration and integration, and how to preserve and promote safe and healthy Nordic welfare societies.

Clear advice

An important aim of the report is that the articles must provide clear advice on how Vision 2030 can be accomplished. One example comes from researchers Kerstin Eriksson, Sara Heidenreich and Nina Baron in their article on climate adaptation in rural areas in the Nordics.

Among other things, they recommend that climate adaptation be addressed as a cross-sectoral societal challenge at all levels of authority, that local knowledge and practice be integrated into these efforts, and that collective adaptation be enabled through the adaptation of existing laws and regulations.

In the report, there is also many other recommendations on everything from digitalisation of society, sharing data for better research and decisions, to how we should co-operate to assist Ukraine after the war.


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Kristin Andersen

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