Photo: Tuomas Uusheimo, Aalto University
Photo: Tuomas Uusheimo, Aalto University

Six new projects awarded funding under the University Cooperation call

In 2022, NordForsk opened a call with the focus on strengthening university cooperation in the Nordic region. The selection process was divided into two phases. In the first phase, NordForsk received 52 eligible applications, of which 20 consortia were invited to the next phase. NordForsk has now decided to finance six projects.

Acting Chair of the call committee, Ingegerd Palmer, says:

“I am very happy with the outcome. The funded projects are distributed between very strong university consortia across all the Nordic countries, including Greenland. Also, the gender balance is good when you look at participants within the cooperation projects. The call has supported six projects from a wide range of themes and disciplines, all promoting scientific excellence in their fields and including strong networking and capacity building activities.”


An important prerequisite has been that the universities themselves contribute funds to establish and operate the consortium's work. The funding follows the principle of NordForsk's financing, where 1/3 of the funds come from NordForsk, while the university consortium itself contributes 2/3.

Available budget is NOK 300 million, NOK 100 million from NordForsk and NOK 200 million NOK provided by the institutions.

The total NordForsk funding allocated to the call is maximum NOK 20 million annually and will be available for 5 years, 2024-2028.

Read more about the NordForsk research area on University Cooperation.

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