Future Working Life

Aim of the programme

The overall aim of the Programme is to generate knowledge and solutions for a sustainable and inclusive future working life in a Nordic and/or Nordic-Lithuanian context. The Programme aims to enhance cross-border research collaboration within working life research, provide support for solid research environments, and fund excellent and innovative research with impact both within and beyond academia. It encourages interdisciplinary and comparative approaches. Research aiming to contribute to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and national policy strategies is encouraged.

To build future capacity in the area, the Programme welcomes collaboration between established and early career researchers. The Programme promotes an inclusive working life which provides equal opportunities for all and acknowledges the knowledge and potential that exists in the entire population regardless of gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, health, faith, religion, and sexual orientation.


A well-functioning working life is central to the development of society, as it creates the conditions for economic growth and for the funding of welfare systems. It is also key for individuals and families, since working life often creates opportunities for personal development.

In addition, it is a means of becoming established within society and gives access to many welfare systems. In a time of rapid societal changes, working life must be shaped in such a way that it is sustainable, irrespective of challenges such as demographic and structural changes; that it promotes good health and wellbeing of employees; and that it is inclusive and creates opportunities for inclusion. Research and innovation are core factors in bringing this about.

Programme committee

  • Susanna Stymne Airey, AFA Försäkring/NordForsk, Chair
  • Anna-Karin Florén, Programme Manager Working Life Research, Forte, Sweden 
  • Siri Hollekim Haaland, Senior Adviser, The Research Council of Norway 
  • Elísabet Andrésdóttir, The Icelandic Centre for Research, Rannis 
  • Laura Kostelnickiene, International Programme Coordinator, the Research Council of Lithuania  
  • Linnéa Johansson, Permanent Secretary, Department of Trade and Industry, Government of Åland 

Funding partners

partner image
Forte - The Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare

partner image
The Research Council of Norway

partner image
The Icelandic Centre for Research

partner image
The Research Council of Lithuania

partner image
Government of Åland, Department of Trade and Industry


Thomas Jacobsson

Thomas Jacobsson

Senior Adviser
Guttorm Aanes. Photo: NordForsk

Guttorm Aanes

Head of Communications