Nordic-Russian additional funding 2018

The programme intends to promote multifaceted contacts in the fields of education and research in the interest of sustainable social and economic development in Russia and the Nordic countries. By funding Nordic-Russian cooperation between educational institutions and research organisations, the programme aims to improve the direct links between the institutions and organisations involved, and thereby initiate long-term partnerships.

To achieve the above goals, cooperative efforts are being directed towards multilateral cooperation on the training of highly qualified experts, the exchange of undergraduate and postgraduate students and university faculty, and joint research projects and promotion of innovation. NordForsk administers the research activities under the programme. The Russian activities under the programme are coordinated by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The total budget for research activities under the Nordic-Russian Cooperation Programme in Higher Education and Research for 2018-2020 is approximately NOK 4 million from the Nordic Council of Ministers, matched by an equal contribution from the Russian Federation in the form of own contributions (including in kind) from the participating Russian institutions.