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Call for proposals: MOOC on Neutron scattering

The main purpose of the call is to broaden the impact and sustainability of the Nordic Neutron Science Programme by organising a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).


  • The leader of the consortium producing the MOOC must be a senior researcher.
  • Course materials should be available upon request and free of charge for all participants.
  • The quality and structure of the MOOC material is to fulfil professional and Nordic standards (e.g., the courses could be included in the curriculums of Nordic universities).
  • The MOOC material is to take into account European initiatives (e.g.,
  • The MOOC must be published on a recognised international platform (e.g., edX)

The consortium producing the MOOC must include partner institutions from the three funding countries: Denmark (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands), Norway and Sweden.

Institutions from Finland (including Åland) and Iceland are eligible to participate. Institutions from other countries, in particular the Baltic States, are encouraged to participate but must fund their own participation.

The host institution of the project must be a research institution based in one of the funding countries.

The Project Leader must be a senior researcher at the host institution.


Kyösti Lempa

Kyösti Lempa

Special Adviser