New Nordic Ways to Green Growth (NOWAGG)

How to upscale and finance the innovative low-carbon and resource efficiency technologies that are becoming available is essential to green growth, and with Nordic countries being pioneers in novel environmental technologies, we have a unique laboratory allowing us to gain much needed insights into the processes at play.

This research project will help improve the basic understanding needed for policy-making related to promotion of green growth technological innovations, for instance through new types of cooperation between private and public actors. Strategies for green growth offer a potential for otherwise disadvantaged regions to revitalize their trades and industries by switching to more low-carbon bio-based resources, with a potential for novel, high-value commodities. The results from the project can be used to support such transitions as it will aim to identify key bottlenecks and options for improvement in existing governance arrangements. Upfront capital needs is one of the major challenges for investments in new technologies.

The results from the project will address how risks can be reduced and document experiences from a range of recent Nordic environmental technologies. The results from the project can be used in both Nordic countries and globally to promote green growth. Following the Paris climate agreement several large greenhouse gas emitters have embarked on strategies for green growth, including emerging economies as Mexico and China. Experiences from Nordic countries are much needed for a timely de-carbonisation internationally.