Post-Pandemic Vulnerability and Resilience: A bioecological approach towards youth wellbeing in Nordic schools and communities (SISU)

SISU unites a strong, multidisciplinary team of 4 Nordic partners, including renewed researchers with expertise in child and adolescent well-being, developmental psychology, child psychiatry, educational outcomes, and pandemic consequence.

SISU builds on exceptional opportunities for Nordic countries with the availability of large longitudinal data sets, including school and municipality surveys, prospective cohort studies with genetic data, and population-based registries.

We are aware that pandemics happen to societies as a whole; thus, our bioecological approach addresses this by integrating societal, contextual, developmental, and biological layers of inference. Through our intersection of individual dispositions, and school and societal environments, we can provide explanations relevant to municipal and national stakeholders forming schools and health services. Furthermore, by evaluating both negative and positive aspects of the pandemic environment's interaction with individual susceptibility, we aim to lay a foundation for resilient recovery from the pandemic.